Urethane Products

1) Urethane Screen Panels :

The new Sigma screening system offers :

Maximum screen surface area available for apertures

  • High open area
  • High throughput
  • High efficiency
  • Knock-through pin option for easy panel replacement
  • Strong internal frame eliminates panel distortion
  • Aperture sizes and open area to suit your application
  • Made from abrasion resistant polyurethane

2) Urethane Screen Mats :

Especially when processing fine sticky material – suffer of blinding. With this in mind our Engineers have worked on an innovative system now recognised as EXTRAFLOW. EXTRAFLOW is characterised by oblong screening apertures separated by flexible ribs. This system guarantees wide open area together strong structure and terribly reduces blinding problems.

3) Urethane Hydro - Cyclone Parts :

To meet our customers’ process condition, hydrocyclones in a variety of housing, liners and component materials are available. Literally, hundreds of various hydrocyclone configurations are available to meet a variety of applications including solid/liquid separation, liquid/liquid separation and multiphase desanding.

4) Urethane Roller Linings :

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Urethane Roller Linings and are instrumental in providing the finest quality Urethane Roller Linings, which are used in different fields and industries. These rollers are manufactured using the finest quality Urethane that is purchased from the best vendors. Our Urethane Roller Linings are of the best quality and high durability. Because of these factors, our products are appreciated by our clients. We offer these Urethane Roller Linings at the most affordable prices.

5) Urethane Wheels :

The Urethane Wheels that are manufactured at SIGMA are of the best quality. Wheels of different sizes, shapes, texture, colors, etc. are manufactured at SIMA. We also manufacture these wheels as per our client’s requirements. We custom design these wheels based on the varied tastes of our valued clients so that we meet our client’s needs, with the most affordable prices and ensure complete customer satisfaction. Different types of Urethane Wheels like Drive Wheels, Crowned Wheels, Complaint Wheels, etc. are manufactured.

6) Urethane Scraper Blades :

We manufacture one of the best and durable Urethane Scraper Blades that are used in many industries. The Urethane Scraper Blades manufactured at SIGMA non-corrosive, flexible and chemical-resistant. Our blades can withstand most demanding conditions. These can be cast separately or bonded to numerous materials.

7) Urethane Couplings, Bushes & Seals :

We manufacture a varied variety of Urethane Seals of different sizes, shapes and colors for our valued clients. We manufacture them using the finest raw materials from the best quality rubber to the best infrastructure; we do not compromise in the quality. Our Urethane Seals are durable, they provide resistance to abrasion, tearing, ozone and weather-related aging and moderate resistance. We customize our products according to our client’s needs and requirements.

The Urethane Bushes manufactured at SIGMA are the perfect alternative to conventional metallic springs and rubber bushes. These bushes are widely used in sheet metal press tools and automobile industry. Our bushes are manufactured using premium quality urethane, which provides our product durability and high capacity to bear tension.

8) Urethane Pig Cups :

Urethane Pig Cups are one of the most widely used products in various industries. Our clients can avail these Urethane Pig Cups as per their requirements as well as we manufacture customized Cups. These cups are bi-directional and are durable. They have the longest functional life and are also reliable. We manufacture these products keeping in mind the international standards. Our pig cups can be availed at market leading rates.

9) Urethane Sheets, Rods & Wear Parts :

SIGMA provides the best Urethane Sheets that is used in various industries today. We manufacture types of Urethane Sheets like Precision Urethane Sheets and Metal Backed Urethane Sheets. The Urethane Sheets available at SIGMA are of various sizes and thickness. These Urethane Sheets are manufactured from the best raw materials and latest technology, at an affordable price.

Just like our other Urethane Products, SIGMA manufactures one of the best in the industry Urethane Rods which are of the highest quality. We have several hundreds of models of Urethane Rods of various sizes and colors. From the smallest diameter to the largest diameter of up to 24” and more, we have all the types of Urethane Rods that could possibly be available in the most competitive prices.

We also provide varied range of Urethane wear parts like slurry pipes, fittings, skate board wheels, welding guns, innovators, Urethane nozzles, classifier shoes, cast products and the list goes on. All the wear parts manufactured at SIGMA are of the best quality and are made from the finest raw materials, keeping in mind both the quality as well as international standards.

10) Mountings :

We manufacture Mountings of the finest quality and we adhere by the quality and international standards while manufacturing them. Our Mountings are considered as one of the best in the industry and are used in various industries. These Mountings are manufactured keeping in mind the various requirements and specifications of our valued clients and we are proud to say that we have stood by our standards as we have gained the satisfaction and trust of clients which is our ultimate aim.

We manufacture different types of Mountings ranging from Engine Mountings and Isolator Mountings to O Mountings and U Mountings at affordable prices.

11) Urethane Custom Made Parts :

We manufacture custom made parts for our clients. We manufacture them using the best in the industry Urethane available with the best vendors. We specifically manufacture these based on our client’s requirements and specifications. We take a note of the needs of our clients and accordingly manufacture them ensuring complete quality and see that the products are delivered on time to the destination.

12) PU Chute Liners :

We are also specialized in the manufacturing of PU Chute Liners. We provide the best in the industry PU Chute Liners. All these products are manufactured using the latest technology and infra structure, which enables us to produce the best quality PU Chute Liners which maintain both quality as well as international standards. These liners are specifically designed for lining Chutes.

13) Hopper linings :

Hopper linings are used for various purposes like Balls Mills Lining, Chute Linings, Hopper Linings, Pipe Linings, etc., These Hopper Liners prevents any sort of abrasions, corrosion and other related issues that could lead to damages in the processing plant. We at SIGMA, manufacture these Hopper Liners keeping in mind the quality standards and see to it that there is less maintenance done for the product once it is dispatched. We also custom design these Hopper Liners which are of varied shapes and hardness keeping in mind our customer’s requirements and specifications, thus ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

14) Ceramic Embedded with PU Liners :

The Ceramic Embedded with PU Liners is one of the best products that SIGMA has manufactured. With its outstanding anti abrasion properties, these PU Liners lasts longer than any other Liners manufactured by several other industries. Available from the standard thickness to the most customize thickness, SIGMA provides it all. These Liners reduce the maintenance cost and also easy to install and provides a long lasting protection. Moreover, these PU Liners need not be replaced frequently when compared to rubber, plastic or steel.

15) Polymer Sheets :

The best quality Polymer Sheets are manufactured at SIGMA and at the same time, following all the quality norms. We manufacture various types of polymer sheets like light weight polymer sheets, precision polymer sheets, industrial polymer sheet, etc. We also custom design and manufacture these polymer sheets based on our client’s requirements and specifications. These Sheets contain anti corrosion and abrasion properties, making them last longer. They are also available in various size, thickness and texture as well.

16) UHMWPE Liners :

We manufacture export quality UHMWPE Liners with our exceptional professional team and sophisticated top of the art infrastructure. Our range of Liners is used in various industries. We customize our range based on our customer’s requirements. These Liners are mainly used in steel and other heavy industries. We use the best in the industry infrastructure and the finest quality raw materials in the manufacture to ensure high performance, durability and reliability at the most competitive process.

Standard Sizes :

  • Thickness: 6 mm to 100 mm
  • Sizes: 1000 mm width x 1000 mm length
  • 1000 mm width x 2000 mm length
  • 1250 mm width x 2000 mm length

We provide customized (special) sizes on request; Also available in different colours on request


  • No water absorption
  • Non-Toxic
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Abrasion and impact resistant
  • Wear Resistant

Great liner material for industrial material handling applications.


Hardness / Shore D 64 - 67
Yield Stress - Kgf / sq.cm 222 - 250
Modulus in Tension - Kg / sq.cm 7200
% Elongation at Break 300
Notched Impact Strength - Kgf / sq.cm No Failure
% Water Absorbtion Nil

17) Rubber Skirt Board Liners :

The manufacturing of Rubber Skirt Board Liners requires the highest quality rubber for it is used in one of the heaviest mining applications and it is because of this quality, it can be used in the most extreme conditions. SIGMA manufactures the finest and the toughest Rubber Skirt Board Liners which are highly abrasion resistant, giving a longer working life and is also considered as the perfect substitute for its steel counterpart which has a considerably lower life span. These Liners are lighter when compared to that of steel and are also cost effective.

18) Rubber Liners :

We manufacture and supply Rubber Liners like industrial rubber liners, protective rubber liners, metal bonded liner, chemical resistance rubber liners, tank rubber liners, pipe rubber liners, vessel rubber liners, etc. These rubber liners are all abrasion and corrosion resistant, ensuring higher performance and working life. We are considered as the leading manufacturers of these rubber liners as the products that we manufacture are of the finest quality, because of which we have gained the trust of our valued clients.