Sigmathane Hydrocyclones

Sigmathane Hydro cyclones are a custom molded part to meet OEM specification made from a tough everything hydro plants can be variety of colors with adjectives that will increase abrasion resistance unit in Hydro cyclones are commonly found in gas and oil drilling applications and used to separate particulate from liquid or slurry solutions.

Sigma also has the ability to fabricate any core required that will be chemically bounded in our clean rooms and then molded into the matching part of the urethane Hydro cyclones

Whether you have urethane Hydro cyclones that needs recovering or you need a new core fabricated as per your design specifications, we are here to help we can also strip off the existing worn covering and apply a new urethane covering core

With our team of engineers we can also match your existing polyurethane Hydro cyclones perfectly and often times it will cost less than OEM replacement

Application Industries

  • Mining & Mineral Processing

  • Steel Plants

  • Thermal Power Plants

  • Paper & Pulp Industries

  • Bulk Material Handling Industries

  • Engineering Industries

  • Automobile Industries

  • Cement Plants

  • Oil Exploraion and Other Allied Industries