Sigmathane Wheels

SIGMATHANE wheels are one of the specialty products that has been manufacturing for more than 1 decades! Whether your requirements are for robotic wheels, v-groove wheels for conveyors, flanged wheels acting as a guide running on tracks or heavy-duty wheels for industrial machinery, we have the complete lineup of precision molded wheels at our manufacturing unit

Our engineering team has decades of urethane industry experience and can help determine the best custom wheels to fit your application requirements. We offer UV stabilized colors and a variety of durometer choices for all of our urethane wheels. Sigma can supply custom wheels complete with inserts or hub assemblies as needed. SIGMATHANE wheels exhibit excellent tolerances for consistent wear, often at considerable RPM’s and weights. Based on wheel samples or specifications, we can work with you to determine the best urethane wheels types and sizes.

The durability, hardness, color, flexibility etc., of each SIGMATHANE wheel, can be customized and we are capable of manufacturing urethane wheels that meet a variety of requirements be it v-groove urethane wheels for conveyors, robotic urethane wheels etc.

Benefits of urethane wheel include:

  • Highly resistant to abrasion, acids harsh chemicals, and solvents.

  • Non-marking and can be manufactured in any color.

  • Impressive ability to withstand extreme weather conditions whether hot or cold.


Tight Tolerance Urethane Wheels

  • Urethane Robot Wheels

  • Urethane Gauge Wheels

  • Heavy Duty Urethane Wheels

  • Flanged Urethane Wheels

Industrial Urethane Wheels

  • Urethane Roller Coaster Wheels

  • Urethane Bandsaw Idler Wheels

  • Bandsaw Polyurethane Drive Wheels

  • Urethane Crane Wheels

High-Quality Urethane Wheels

  • Conductive Urethane Wheels

  • Urethane Bandsaw Drive Wheels