Sigmathane Pig cups

All urethane pigs come as a solid one piece construct, and have a combination of cups and discs spaced along the body. They are also available with our wrap brushes for heavier cleaning. Urethane pigs are capable of traversing 90 and 180 degree tees and sealing full port valves. This type of pig great for batching, purging, and general cleaning.

Our solid cast pigs are maintenance free, light weight and disposable. They are particularly useful for tight bend applications.

Our replacement pig cups come in all different sizes and configurations from 2”-48”. We have scraper cups, jetter cups, conical cups and UT cups.

Application Industries

  • Mining & Mineral Processing

  • Steel Plants

  • Thermal Power Plants

  • Paper & Pulp Industries

  • Bulk Material Handling Industries

  • Engineering Industries

  • Automobile Industries

  • Cement Plants

  • Oil Exploraion and Other Allied Industries