Sigmathane Roller Linings

At Sigma Wear Resist products Pvt. ltd we continually strive to meet each and every customer’s needs. Dedicated to quality and performance SIGMATHANE continues to be a leader in the Industrial Roller Industry.

SIGMATHANE has a state of the art machine shop ready to handle all your custom rollers. We have several machines set up for specialty rollers that can produce turned finishes requiring tight tolerances or regular spacing, tapers, grooves, crowned finish or any other detail with diameters to 20″ and Lengths to 4′. Soft durometer poly rollers are also no problem for us.

SIGMATHANE produce custom rollers with a hardness range from 40A to 75D durometer with a variety of urethane additives that can be added to enhance wear properties while adding lubricity to the roller. The results are non-marking long life rollers that will meet or exceeds OEM specifications for your application often times costing less than original replacements with excellent lead times. Replacing a rubber coated roller and recovering it with a urethane coating is becoming more frequent due to urethane being more durable than many OEM materials such as rubber and plastic. We utilize the best in class polyurethane from world’s leading polyurethane manufacturers.

Application Industries

  • Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers

  • Box Board Manufacturers

  • Plastics Industries

  • Metal Decorators

  • Coil Coaters

  • Steel Mills

  • Breweries